Hlayisa - Care

HLAYISA, also known as “Community Based HIV Services for Southern Region (Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane provinces)”, is a four-year project (2017-2021) financed by USAID and implemented by N’weti together with consortium partners ANEMO and Reencontro. Hlayisa is an expression in the Tsonga languages and means caring for one’s own health and investments, as well as those of the the family. During the first year of implementation, Hlayisa had activities in 19 priority districts in Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane provinces, whereas during the second year, Hlayisa works in 13 districts in Gaza and Inhambane provinces.Hlayisa uses a holistic and dynamic approach to provide community-based services for underserved communities and vulnerable people, with a special focus on young people and PLHIV. The objectives of the project corresponded to the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets which state that, by 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of all people diagnosed with HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy, and 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression.


The project aims at:

  • Creating an enabling environment for use of health services through community mobilization by community leaders and by facilitating community dialogues and girls’ clubs for underserved young people;
  • Increasing uptake of HIV and other sexual and reproductive health services by providing community-based HIV index case testing and youth-friendly health services;
  • Improving the bidirectional linkages between community- and facility-based health services by facilitating and tracking referrals;
  • Improving retention of people living with HIV in treatment through preventive home visits, defaulter tracing and community adherence and support groups;
  • Improving the livelihoods and quality of life of people living with HIV and vulnerable adolescent girls and young women through village savings and loan groups and linkages to income-generating activities