The Tua Cena Platform is an interactive digital space that brings together a set of media such as SMS, Facebook, voice calls and emails. Through the Platform Tua Scene, adolescents and young people have the opportunity to interact with N'weti to access information and clarify doubts about their SSRD, in a convenient, anonymous and discreet way. Each of the messages received through the platform is answered by N'weti's team of advisors in real time.

During the pilot period, N'weti interacted with more than 17,000 adolescents and young people, which demonstrated a great interest and demand for information about SRHR among this population group and confirmed the potential of new communication technologies as vehicles for health promotion.

The Tua Cena platform is also an important tool for monitoring the quality of services. Through the platform, adolescents and young people can anonymously report acts of poor service and small corruption by health providers, episodes of violation of their sexual and reproductive rights, misuse of public goods, availability of medications, among others. Innovative way, we can increasingly reach out to citizens with information about rights, duties and to gather evidence on the quality of SRH services provided by the National Health System.