O que fazemos?

N'weti's intervention model covers three pillars. The approach combines multi-media (pillar one) with social mobilization (pillar 2) as two mutually reinforcing interventions that can have an impact on knowledge, changing attitudes and social norms, and increase individual and community effectiveness .

These, together with governance advocacy and monitoring initiatives (pillar 3), are intended to bring decision-makers, reference models and opinion leaders to advocate for social change and to create an environment that facilitates such change in the short, Medium or long term.

N'weti is a non-profit Mozambican organization of communication for social change and behavior. Its main objective is to contribute to improving the health of Mozambican citizens and communities. N'weti is a pioneer in health communication and consistently uses research-based approaches to design and implement programs and activities.

N'weti provides world-class health communication through integrated media, social mobilization and advocacy interventions (including governance monitoring) using rights-based approaches and paying particular attention to gender equality and human rights.

N'weti works with and through a large number of organizations, supporting their interventions while strengthening their reach to the most remote communities. It also collaborates with other civil society organizations in advocacy. These networks have contributed to the learning process and improved results achieved so far by N'weti.

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