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About N’weti

N’weti – Comunição para Saúde, founded in 2008,   is a Mozambican nonprofit organization focused on communication for health that aims to contribute to a better health for Mozambican citizens and communities. N’weti is a pioneer in communication for social change and behavior change in Mozambique. It offers world-class communication through integrated multi-media interventions (TV, Radio & Print), social mobilization and advocacy and monitoring of governance, with particular attention to gender and human rights. N’weti’s definition of health is based on the concept of the World Health Organization (WHO) which explains that health promotion needs must be addressed as a product of multisectoral initiatives. These include creating and promoting a healthy environment that encourages informed decision making; advocacy (including governance monitoring) for the creation of legal platforms, public health policies and the promotion of human rights; community actions to create enabling environments for change, as well as the development of personal skills and reorientation of health services towards an approach aimed at promoting human rights.


To contribute to the improvement of the health status of Mozambicans through interventions aimed at guaranteeing quality health services and promoting social and behavioral changes at the individual, community and structural levels.


Individuals and communities in Mozambique with access to quality health services and adopting healthy lifestyles.

The guiding values and principles

Respect for human rights; Participation, openness and dialogue; Equality and equity of gender; Appreciation of cultural diversity;

Systemic approach;
Integrity and transparency.

Sustainability: People are rights holders, not beneficiaries
Sustainable change can only happen, if it happens at all levels;
Context and culture are to be considered;
Approaches based on health, not on disease.