For N'weti, social mobilization is a way of thinking and doing community development, assuming that face-to-face interaction with the community is the best way to increase community power and capacity. N'weti works with the Grassroots Community Organizations (CBOs), establishing partnerships and training facilitators who guide community dialogue sessions with the help of a script. Through community dialogues, the community is empowered to rethink its options, improve interpersonal skills, build social capital, and thus create better social contexts in which behavior change in relation to health can occur.

N'weti also has the Interpersonal Communication (IPC) approach as a mechanism that enables community members, individually, to access health information that may influence the adoption of new lifestyles.

In order to strengthen the link with health units, N'weti has developed a community-based referral and reference system. The System is managed and energized by the facilitators who are trained for this purpose. To ensure quality in conducting Interpersonal Communication (IPC) and Community Dialogue (DC) sessions and reference and counter - reference, they will be provided with the following materials: pocket book for facilitators, serial album and; blocks of references.

The Community Theater is used as a tool for raising awareness, community mobilization and reference for use of health services. In this context, in partnership with local theater groups, the organization has been producing and presenting plays about SSR & D, PF, SMNI, Malaria, Premarital and Forced Child Marriages.