Strategic Approach 2 - Health Services Quality Monitoring (Health Accountability)

The AE 2 aims, essentially, to mobilize the communities in order to facilitate their participation and engagement in processes of monitoring the quality of the provision of public health services at local level, with a view to improving the quality of these same services through the identification and resolution of identified problems, based on the use of Community Punctuation Cards (CPC). The CPC is a tool that allows the users of public health services to participate, in an organized way, in the monitoring and evaluation of the quality of these services. It creates conditions for the interaction, "healthy dialogue" between the community and service providers, aiming to identify gaps, concerns and needs, and also to find consensus and alternatives for improving public health services provided to the citizen / community. CPC is used to inform and solicit community members of their opinions about the quality of public health services. By providing opportunities for direct dialogue between service providers and the community, the CPC process "empowers" citizens to make their voices heard and to demand the provision of quality public health services.

With this tool, N'weti aims to ensure that users have a voice in improving the quality of the services they receive and to create greater accountability and mechanisms of accountability on the part of the providers, thus helping to create bases in the communities that foster an environment of constructive dialogue between users and providers and catalyze social and behavioral changes.


In this way, we intend to contribute to creating bases in the communities for an environment of constructive dialogue between users and providers and to catalyze the necessary social and behavioral changes leading to better health services, both in terms of PF and malaria.

With the quality monitoring component of public health services of FP and Malaria we intend to contribute to demystify the main individual and institutional barriers associated with the access and use of these services as well as to reinforce knowledge and contribute to the communities to make informed, consequently, have more and better health.

CBOs and Nweti partner CSO platforms, from which about 90% of Community Facilitators come from, will ensure monitoring of these services through a permanent dialogue with the various committees (Co-management and humanization and health) established for various levels.

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