Senior Care and Treatment Advisor

Job Description

Position:          Senior Care and Treatment Advisor                                                                          

Location:         Maputo, Mozambique                                                                       

Contract:         USAID ECHO                                                   


Efficiencies for Clinical HIV Outcomes (ECHO) is a $239 million project to support the Government of Mozambique’s achievement of HIV/AIDS epidemic control and establishing a sustainable, government-led HIV response by 2026 in provinces where USAID is the primary clinical support partner.

The Senior Care and Treatment Advisor will report to the Technical Director and have frequent routine communications with other ECHO team members based in Beira and in the provinces. The Senior Care and Treatment Advisor will provide direction and be responsible for technical outcomes of ECHO related to HIV care and treatment and will provide leadership and guidance in achieving related objectives.

Key roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Extensive Travel and Technical Oversight:
    • Regularly travels to all provinces to provide hands-on support and technical oversight of HIV/AIDS treatment interventions at district, health facility, and community levels.
    • Collaborates closely with provincial teams and counterparts to ensure effective implementation and adherence to established protocols and guidelines.
    • Acts as a technical expert, offering guidance and mentorship to on-the-ground staff to enhance the quality and efficiency of HIV/AIDS treatment services.
    • Collaborates with other Central Level Technical Advisors to refine and improve technical strategies to achieve the expected outcomes to the project.
  2. Strategic Partnership and Resource Facilitation:
    • Establishes strong partnerships with Provincial Medical Directors and embedded advisors, serving as a key resource to facilitate the achievement of HIV treatment-related goals and objectives.
    • Acts as a liaison between ECHO and relevant stakeholders to address HIV treatment challenges and leverage resources effectively.
    • Proactively identifies opportunities for collaboration to support the implementation of the country's HIV strategy and enhance program sustainability.
  3. Representation and Engagement:
    • Represents ECHO in various forums, including MISAU committees, and Working Groups, to advocate for priority HIV treatment issues and ensure alignment with national and global agendas.
    • Engages with key stakeholders to foster dialogue, share best practices, and promote coordination of efforts aimed at advancing HIV treatment goals and reducing transmission rates.
    • Builds and maintains strong relationships with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other partners to strengthen the collective response to HIV/AIDS and maximize impact.
  4. Evidence-Based Strategy and Policy Advocacy:
    • Regularly reviews and synthesizes global evidence and best practices related to HIV treatment, including emerging trends, innovations, and research findings.
    • Provides timely analysis and recommendations to inform project strategies, MISAU policies, and programmatic decision-making, ensuring alignment with the latest scientific evidence and global guidelines.
    • Advocates for policy changes and programmatic adaptations based on evidence-based insights, aiming to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and inclusivity of HIV/AIDS treatment services nationwide.
    • Collaborates with the Strategic Information (SI) team to ensure that evidence informs interventions and contributes to organizational learning. This includes facilitating knowledge-sharing sessions, supporting data-driven decision-making processes, and contributing to the continuous improvement of programmatic approaches.

Skills/Knowledge Required: 

  • A medical degree or a doctoral level degree in public health or related field.
  • At least 10 years of experience in clinical service delivery of HIV related interventions.
  • Strong skills in data use and interpretation.
  • Ability to perform at a senior policy level.
  • Demonstrated experience at a senior level participating or advising in high level MOH meetings/discussions/boards.
  • Demonstrated ability in monitoring similar programs and interpreting and utilizing national.
  • Strong mentoring and coaching skills, ability to provide constructive feedback with positive encouragement.
  • Strong oral and written skills in Portuguese are required and English is preferred. 
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