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TOR Fund Development Strategy

Request for support with development of a Fund Development Strategy


N’weti is a Mozambican NGO established in 2008, with expertise in health promotion and evidence-based social and behavior change (SBC), community engagement, community-based prevention and health service provision, referral and counter-referral systems, monitoring of health services, advocacy and policy influence, health systems strengthening, and local capacity building. N’weti is currently implementing 10 programmes with 270 staff members based in 4 offices. The organization has its main office in Maputo and provincial offices in Zambézia, Inhambane, and Gaza. The organization has a diverse funding base from donors and currently receives funding from USAID/PEPFAR, EU, UNICEF, Ministry of Health, Aidsfonds, Amplify Change, Village Reach, GIZ, and OSISA. N’weti has recently developed its Strategic Plan (2021-2025), which is fully aligned with national health policies and strategies to attain the most critical national health outcomes.

Objectives, tasks and scope of the assignment

Nweti aims to position itself for fund development, expand the capacity of the organization to examine market opportunities, diversify its funding resource base, expand on available funding, and position itself in an everchanging environment with the objective of securing long term financial sustainability. N’weti aims to engage a consultant/team of consultants to develop a Fund Development Strategy. The organization depends on funding from external donors. N’weti intends to diversify its funding base, other than development aid financing. The Fund Development Strategy will therefore focus on opportunities for N’weti to utilize and invest its existing financial resources develop additional resources. This therefore may include opportunities such as potential investment opportunities, business cases, emerging initiatives, shares, social projects, etc. The Fund Development Strategy, alongside the Resource Mobilization Strategy (to be developed internally) will inform N’weti on opportunities to develop its resources further. The Fund Development Strategy therefore will offer a framework for future fund development activities and also aid the organization in diversifying its funding base, building medium to long-term sustainability. The main objectives are to:

  1. Undertake a mapping and analysis of potential fund development opportunities that can generate financial returns, identifying and proposing the best financing opportunities and key recommendations, and draft a comprehensive report.
  2. Develop a Fund Development Strategy for N’weti to develop additional financial resources.


  • Inception report , following the signing of contract (based on the proposal submitted, the consultant will hand in a more detailed report on the proposed methodologies, workplan, key questions and sources of information)
  • A draft report with identified opportunities and methodology for assessing these
  • Final report, including but not limited to a detailed situational analysis, key findings and recommendations, and a list and contact information of experts and stakeholders consulted
  • Powerpoint presentation on the findings and recommendations


The assignment is expected to take place between 1 February until 15 March.


  • Academic qualifications (Masters or PhD) in economics, international development, social sciences, business, public health or other relevant field of study
  • Demonstrable prior experience in conducting business development and funding development consultancy in the not-for-profit sector
  • Demonstrable experience of minimum 10 years in conducting similar consultancy assignments
  • Excellent communication skills including in report writing, research and presentations skills
  • Proficiency in Portuguese and English is required

Expression of interest

All interested consultants/firms are requested to write an expression of interest including both a technical (max 5 pages) and financial proposal in English by:
a. Interpreting the TOR, including a workplan and proposal for the assignment
b. Explaining in detail the methodology and tools to be used in carrying out the assignment
c. Providing a detailed professional budget in US$ including a breakdown of all costs (indicating daily professional rates, number of days to complete the assignment, etc.)
d. Explaining competences to meet the requirements of the assignment
e. Providing the duration and starting date of the assignment

As annexes (not included within 5 pages limit)
f. Providing evidence/reference of similar work undertaken in the recent past (not more than 3 years) g. Attaching CVs and brief technical biographical data of the core team members (no subject to page limit
h. Contact details of references

Submission of proposals

Please send your proposal by email to N’weti using the email addresses and with subject ‘Proposal for the Fund Development Strategy’. Any questions regarding the assignment can also be sent to the same email addresses.

Deadline for applications

24 January

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