About N'weti

N’weti, founded in 2008, is a Mozambican non-profit organization working in the field of health communication that aims to contribute to a better health of Mozambican citizens and communities. N’weti is a pioneer in social and behaviour change communication in Mozambique. It offers world class communication through integrated multi-media (TV, Radio & Print) interventions, social mobilization and advocacy, and governance monitoring, with particular attention to gender and human rights. N’weti’s definition of health is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) concept which explains that health promotion needs to be addressed as a product resulting from multi-sectoral initiatives. These include the creation and promotion of a healthy environment conducive to informed decision-making; advocacy (including governance monitoring) for the creation of legal platforms, public health policies and the promotion of human rights; community actions for the creation of enabling environments for change, as well as the development of personal skills and reorientation of health services towards an approach aimed at promoting human rights.

N’weti’s Strategic Plan (SP) for the period 2021-2025, which will guide the organization’s response to health and development needs in Mozambique. Through this SP, N’weti intends to continue to contribute to the country’s accelerated progress towards its commitment to ensure equitable and universal access to health for all citizens.


N’weti’s mission is to contribute to improving the health status of Mozambicans through interventions that guarantee social and behavioral changes at the individual, community and structural levels, and that promote access to universal, equitable and quality public health services, as well as appropriate public policies.


N’weti’s vision is that individuals and communities in Mozambique adopt healthy behaviors and have access to universal, equitable, and quality public health services.

The SP 2021-2024 has the following two objectives:

1) to contribute to the improvement of the health status of Mozambicans through the promotion of healthy behaviours, provision of health services, strengthening community-based health systems, encouraging participatory monitoring and influencing public policies; and 

2) contribute to the improvement of governance, citizen engagement and respect for human rights. N’weti’s SP 2021-2025 identifies four different priority Strategic Approaches. Each approach includes several high impact practices (HIPs) and evidence- based interventions (EBIs).

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