For an Accessible National Health System to all in Mozambique

Today, December 12th, is the International Day of Universal Health Coverage. In a context where the global trend is to focus more on addressing health systems - as opposed to the notion of health systems - there is much has been discussed on how to ensure quality health care for all. Indeed, the “accelerators” of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in point 7 can be a concern with increased funding for health determinants. The SDGs also call for greater engagement with communities to achieve Universal Health Coverage and not just accountability issues. It is in this Framework, and considering the accumulated experience in this field, that N'weti shares with readers the policy brief: For an Accessible National Health System to all in Mozambique.” This policy brief seeks to highlight the centrality of the health service user in formulating and monitoring sector policies, as opposed to the prevailing dynamics characterized by the predominance of external actors and dominant elites in the planning and budgeting processes. To make this user participation possible, the document suggests a series of actions, some of which are opening the space for public policy construction to the various social actors, interests and needs; Major role of MISAU in the design and monitoring of health policies and systems.
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