Users of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) services face barriers in accessing quality services at health facilities (HFs). Some of the challenges are related to deficiencies in the provision of TB preventive treatment, the lack of a space reserved for the collection of sputum samples, and stigma and discrimination against People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and TB in the antiretroviral treatment (ART) and TB services sector. These barriers are compounded by inequalities and inconsistencies in the training offered to technicians, the unavailability of TB testing equipment (operational GeneXpert and/or LED Microscope) in many HFs in the country and the occurrence of stock-outs of ARV and TB drugs such as Isoniazid, 3HP, Levofloxacin, Treatment Sensitive TB (1st line) and Treatment Resistant TB (2nd line) for TB treatment in HFs. This policy brief addresses these and other problems in access to health services, highlighting the need for attention from the Government and Development Partners to introduce appropriate corrective measures in the sector. Read more...
This policy brief is only available in Portuguese.

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