GFATM and MISAU: the need for improved mutual understanding of each other’s constraints as the root for confidence building

The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) is well rooted in the health financing system of Mozambique and very inclusive in terms of civil society participation, through the Country’s Coordination Mechanism (Mecanismo de Coordenação do País). Although it represents one of the major financiers of HIV, only part of its funds use the national systems of planning and budgeting (on-budget), being the rest channeled vertically through NGOs. Nevertheless, the GFATM effort to align with national procedures has to be highlighted because it contributes to strengthen the public management systems at all levels.

For better outcomes, the Ministry of Health (MISAU) and the Global Fund need to address questions such as the introduction of adequate incentives for performance – including strengthening the monitoring and information systems, – reduce the load of the negotiation and its implicit transaction costs, draft a manual to be followed by MISAU and partners, and finally, reduce the frequent changes of rules, allowing more predictability of the partnership. Read more...

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