This policy brief addresses the main barriers faced by key populations in accessing quality health services. To this end, the key populations of female sex workers, men who have sex with men and people who inject drugs living with HIV are described. Long queues, lack of courtesy, stock-outs of antiretroviral drugs, unequal access to services, discrimination, exclusion and violence are some of the challenges that constrain demand for health services. Some of the measures that the MoH and its partners should take include: (i) ensuring that strategies and protocols for humanizing healthcare are implemented, which means including this quality dimension in the annual budget; (ii) including the initiatives of the National Data Reduction Plan in the PESS as a way of reducing high-risk sexual behaviour and drug use. Finally, increase the component of service standards for Key Populations in the clinical mentoring plan and emphasize, in the National Strategic Plan for HIV Response - PEN, increasing the capacity of key areas, including the continuous training of human resources. Read more...

This document is only available in Portuguese.

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