IFPI - Improved Family Planning Initiative

IFPI addresses individual, relational, community, FP service, policy, and institutional barriers along multiple causal pathways that lead to the creation of favorable norm changes in households and communities, resulting in the adoption of healthy reproductive behaviors. The IFPI addresses limited options for improving access to FP services and making them more responsive to adolescents by leveraging existing public structures, community, school, and private sector platforms to strengthen referral and follow-up for adolescents and youth in and out of school, and improve linkages between health facilities and community-based FP services, resulting in expanded options for equitable and quality service delivery. IFPI works on the limited technical and management capacity of the government, stimulating current political commitment to the national FP programme to institutionalise the Management Standards Compliance (MSC) methodology, and improve institutional capacity and financial commitment, thus resulting in leadership and commitment to support the national FP programme.


Improved maternal and child health of women by increasing the use of voluntary family planning services achieved through 3 outcomes:

Increased demand for adoption of healthy reproductive behaviours;
Expanded options for quality and equitable service delivery; and
Improved leadership and commitment to support the national FP program at all levels of the health system.

Target Group:

Primary target group: adolescents and youth

Secondary target group: adults

Implementation Areas:

Nampula and Sofala full coverage of provinces, Zambezia 5 districts

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