The Collapse of a Financing Architecture Condemned to Success

Over the next four weeks, N'weti will release a series of texts analyzing funding for the health sector in Mozambique. This is the dissemination of learning and advocacy material resulting from research that culminated in the report entitled Health Sector Development Assistance Architecture in Mozambique.

To begin with, we share research brief 01, entitled The Collapse of a Condemned Success Financing Architecture, which summarizes the historical trajectory of PROSAUDE, one of the health sector funding mechanisms, contextualized in the Broad Sector Approach (SWAP). The analysis seeks to contribute to the improvement of the mechanism, presenting its challenges and its milestones of success. Indeed, the case of Mozambique has often been cited internationally as a notable example, and the Common Fund has enabled improved government leadership, a greater strategic focus and effective use of aid. Concerning the challenges, there are problems with procurement, the ability to absorb funds, salary incentives awarded without compliance with standards and, finally, excessive centralization of resources in the Ministry of Health. Check out the main discussion in the document and share with us your opinion.


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