GFF is a new financing mechanism for the health sector and its foundational tools are based on the Sector Financing Strategy (SFS) and the Investment Case (IC). These instruments are seen by some segments of the sector as mere technocratic greetings documents. Therefore, at the expense of this funding model, concerns are raised on its deeper purposes, its impact on health systems and guarantees of effectiveness in the realization of universal rights. On the other hand, in addition to delays in the implementation of DLIs, their implementation at local level is hostage to increased investment in resources, infrastructure and management skills. The implementation of the GFF as another sector financing mechanism carries with it the risk of duplication of organic structures, as noted by the creation of the Integrated Supervisory Committee, which appears to have been created outside the framework of the sector Quality Directorate, turning real the fears about increased transaction costs, information asymmetry and sector disarticulation.

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