Could PROSAÚDE and GFF work together on a joint funding mechanism?

The health sector in Mozambique has been counting on external funding for its development and the enhancement of the quality of services. PROSAÚDE has a track record on systems strengthening and has accumulated immense experience in diverse programs. Nevertheless, a new funding mechanism, namely the Global Financing Facility (GFF), has emerged proposing more focus on results, efficiency, value for money and fiduciary risks reduction. Instead of having competing funding mechanisms, with the risks of duplication and fragmentation, the present policy brief proposes for the joint work between the two to form a single mechanism.

In fact, the PROSAÚDE’s and GFF’s next cycles represent an opportunity for government and Health Partners to unify practices and align within the national procedures of planning and budgeting. A common platform is in place if one considers the fact that both mechanisms share more similarities rather than divergences, such as the utilisation of national public finance management system, focus on results driven interventions (value for money) and systems strengthening. The ongoing negotiations between the two mechanisms should aim for more than just joint auditing and move to a one, single and strong health financing mechanism. Read more...

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