Comunication for Health

The objective of this study is to document and disseminate the good practices of NGO N'weti - Communication for Health, partner organization of the Actions for Inclusive and Responsible Governance (AGIR) program, implemented by Oxfam in Mozambique. The study covers capacity building and institutional development in the area of ​​communication for health, sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV / AIDS and gender, as well as aspects of community participation in the different phases of project implementation, as well as expected and / or others promoted by the projects implemented by N'weti.

The methodology used for this Case Study was basically qualitative, especially through a direct and dialogical interaction with the different managers, technicians and funding partners and implementers of the N'weti programs. The collection of information was done through three techniques, namely reading relevant documentation and reference material, individual interviews and group interviews.

The purpose of N'weti's funding from the "AGIR" Program, through Oxfam, in Mozambique, is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the organization so that it can implement its Strategic Plan and meet the defined objective to contribute to the improvement of the health status of Mozambicans in critical health areas through a communication that promotes social and behavioral change, based on the implementation of integrated multi-media communication interventions (TV, Radio & social mobilization, advocacy and governance monitoring, with particular attention to gender and human rights.

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