From Silence and Taboo to an Alarming Reality

N'weti intends to implement an intervention for social and behavioral change with a focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for adolescents and young people. The materialization of the initiative involves the production of materials and information that will feed the three pillars of the organization, namely: multimedia, social mobilization and advocacy.

In order to operationalize this initiative, N'weti has conducted a documentary analysis on Sexual and Reproductive Rights (DSR) and DSR among high mobility populations, focusing on the current context and legal framework. Based on this analysis, some areas of intervention and main topics to consider in the audience research were defined. However, before beginning her intervention, N'weti decided to conduct an audience survey to characterize the needs and specificities of the target groups, including high mobility groups, in matters related to DSR for young people of both sexes. The survey was conducted in Nampula city and Nacala-Oporto, in Nampula; Chimoio, Manica and Machipanda in Manica, and Magude and Namaacha in the province of Maputo.

As a result, the present research identified four segments of audience that although they frequent the same space and sometimes relate to each other and inhabit these same spaces, present different characteristics. The first group consists of young people; the second by parents, caregivers and other adults responsible for directing the sexual and reproductive lives of young people; the third segment consists of high mobility groups, and the fourth segment consists of SRH service providers.

In terms of service provision, at the formal level there are health units (US's), Youth Friendly Services (SAAJ's), Generation Biz Program (PGB) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in which nurses work or collaborate ( counselors, and peer educators who provide services in the area of ​​SRH. Information, counseling, testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and follow-up, post-abortion care, postpartum care and Pre-natal Consultation (NPC) are available in the US and some NGOs. Other NGOs, SAAJs, and PGB's school and community components offer PF services (especially NGOs) as well as STI prevention services and refer their target groups to the US for STI and HIV testing and follow-up. Peer educators and peer educators, in turn, disseminate information about SRH.

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